3 Reasons That SEO Links Matter

Ranking your content online can be done in many ways. Some will refer to the importance of quality content. Others may reference consistency in posting that content regularly. However, others may refer to backlinks as the key to the highest levels of success. There is some merit to this concept. For example, most of the top-ranking websites, and pages on those websites, are there because of backlinks. It is where you get those backlinks, and how often you can obtain them, which ultimately will lead to your success or failure. Here are three reasons why SEO backlinks matter for success on the search engines.

1. Verify Page Authority And Domain Authority

Page Authority references how Google looks at a particular page on a website. The higher the ranking, the more valid or important it is according to the algorithm. The same is true with Domain Authority which references the entire website as a whole. When you get backlinks from websites or pages with a high DA or PA, respectively, this is where you will get the most benefit. It is important that you do not get a multitude of links all at once. As you will see, timing is everything.

2. Consider The Timing Of The Links

Timing is very important to consider as well. For example, it is well-known that sending thousands of backlinks to your website, all within a period of a few days, is the easiest way to guarantee your website will never rank. This looks completely unnatural, which is exactly how the search engine algorithms will perceive this. Therefore, when you do get backlinks, they should be sent on a gradual basis. They should also come from websites that are similar to your niche to make them as relevant as possible.

3. Consider Where The Links Are Located

The final consideration is the location of the links on the website from which they originate. The best place for them is within the content itself. This is typically done in a paragraph, targeting one specific keyword phrase. Over the years, it is clear that using the same keyword phrase over and over is a detriment. Therefore, obtaining multiple links from different websites will require you to use different anchor text. This will look the most natural to the search engine algorithms and will help you rank higher in the search listings.

Ranking on the search engines is relatively easy to do if you know what you are doing. It also requires access to places where you can get high-quality backlinks. Learn more about SEO tips and back links at www.calgaryseopros.com. You may choose to do this on your own, or you may want to work with a business that can help you. As long as they are originating from a website with high DA, and they are placed in the content on each page, you should see a dramatic improvement in your search engine positioning. Also, remember to vary your anchor text as you go along. All of these strategies will help you achieve top rankings online.