The Top 5 SEO Techniques Throughout History

The topic of search engine optimization is often difficult to understand. It is somewhat comprehensive. It involves a multitude of different factors, all of which must somehow work together to create the best result. SEO was once a very simple concept. People could rank a website or page based on any given keyword term. Today, choosing keyword phrases is vitally important to your success. It also involves many other factors including getting backlinks and writing content in a specific manner. These five techniques are among the top SEO strategies that everyone should be using.

1. Write Concise And Coherent Content

It is very easy for anyone to create an article that is 500 words long. The structure of that content, as well as the grammatical correctness, can vary significantly from one person to the next. However, the search engines are looking for very concise content. They simply will not rank your website very well at all if it is not readable and if it is not long enough.

2. Create Lengthy Content

The content that you write should also be fairly long. 1000 words to 2000 words are quite common for the best rankings. This enables an individual to write very coherent content. It can be broken down into multiple components that all relate to. Similar to creating a paper for college, this is the structure that the search engine algorithms are looking for. This includes the headline, sub-headline, and relevant content. They are also looking for outbound links, in some cases, that can justify what has been written. is a great resource to learn how to properly SEO optimize your content.

3. Include Images And Videos

The user experience is also very important to the search engine algorithms. This can be verified in certain ways. The length of time that someone spends on an article can be an indication of its relevance. It is a good idea to place related images and videos that may reduce the bounce rate even more. The longer that someone spends on your articles, the more likely it is that they may purchase what you have to offer. At the very least, is going to help your overall rankings when you add videos and images that make your content more desirable.

4. The Importance Of The Title And Final Paragraph

It is possible for a person to write very compelling content that no one will ever read. There are various reasons for this. On the Internet, you have to attract the attention of potential readers. Subsequently, you need to motivate them to take action. The title of your article is what will compel them to read it. Most people will scan to the bottom. It is that bottom paragraph that will compel them to click through to your offer.

5. Get On A Schedule

The final suggestion is to get on a schedule. You already know how to write a compelling article, and structured properly, but this must be done every day. Perhaps the most important of all of the top five SEO techniques is consistency. As you go along, you can become better at writing and posting your content. However, if you do not have a consistent schedule to follow, this can also hurt your chances of ranking higher.

These are considered by some to be among the top 5 SEO techniques that a person can use. The goal is to always produce phenomenal content that will get the response you are looking for. Follow these strategies, and in no time at all you should have a multitude of articles helping you to attract visitors to your website. For anything more advanced, it is recommended you speak with a reputable SEO company.